Friday, August 8, 2008

Lounge postcript: They did have shortbread after all

Please allow me to clarify my previous posts. Regrettably I advised that the British Airways Terraces Lounge (which is also used by Cathay Pacific) did indeed have Walker's shortbread, although they didn't have much of it and what they did have was hidden behind oat cakes. I mean come on. Who the hell eats oat cakes in the first place, and who would eat them when there's shortbread around.

Well there isn't any shortbread left now because I grabbed the remaining handful of packets to use for snacks / digestive aids in India. Sucks to be anyone else looking for shortbread. Sadly I'm still kind of ghetto when it comes to flying business class and visiting those lounges, because the backpacker in me still can't pass up free snacks, especially ones that fit so easily in my bag and preserve well.

In other lounge news, the BA lounge at SFO is magically positioned right next to the departure gate. So when they call your flight all you have to do is walk out the lounge door and on to the plane. That's a sharp contrast to an experience I had at LAX a few years back when due to remodeling they had relocated some of the business class lounges to some random warehouse building on the tarmac. Ironically this meant that accessing the lounge, which is supposed to be a haven of calm for business travelers, meant that you had to take a series of poorly-marked shuttles out to the middle of the runway to "relax." Yet another reason why SF kicks LA's ass.

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