Thursday, August 7, 2008

Doctor Without Borders (off to Asia)

Greetings from the British Airways Terraces Lounge at SFO. The future future Mrs. Logistics and I are on our way to India for 2 weeks. She's heading back to Hyderabad for work, and I'm just going to keep her company.

First of all let me give a shout out to my main man Terry at Cathay Pacific, who was able to upgrade us to business class on our flight from SFO to Hong Kong. TERRY RULES! Quite frankly I've sold enough Cathay in my lifetime (indirectly responsible for at least $10 million in revenue) so it's not like they owed it to me...but they owed it to me.

We've got a short layover in Hong Kong (where we'll again have business class lounge access at the world famous Marco Polo Lounge), and then on to Kuala Lumpur where we'll be spending a day and a half before finally flying to Hyderabad on Sunday evening. I'm just as excited to see the Marco Polo Lounge as I am to fly business class on a top-tier carrier such as Cathay. I got to visit the China Airlines (ie: Cathay lite) lounge in Hong Kong a few years back and it was incredible. I can only imagine how nice Cathay's own lounge is there. At SFO they just borrow the BA lounge, and both surprisingly and sadly there's no shortbread here. I feel like every other business class lounge I've ever been in has those little Walker's shortbreads, so why not the lounge for a British airline?

Ok, enough bitching about lounge snacks. I've grown a little pampered over the past few years and have just gotten used to the finer things in life. Like little packs of shortbread.

More to come from Asia. Stay tuned...

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